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SEPTEMBER 27th, 2014

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Last Chance Ranch NEEDs more room.

With the growing need for our services and education seminars and clinics, Last Chance Ranch needs to expand again. This time internally, although more land would be great, we need to expand buildings to accommodate the need for so many animals and so much more work to be done. The current kennel has used up every inch of space to help and care for animals, ~ 50 rescued dogs are in the kennel at any given time and then there are dozens of miscellaneous small animals, pocket pets, and birds taking up every nook and cranny. We need to have a better way to present these furry and feathered babies so the caring public like you can really get to know them and meet with them in a comfortable atmosphere before adopting. We have a 5 Phase plan to expand our operations. Full Business Plan is available email Lori for a pdf copy.


              FUTURE KENNEL                 FUTURE FARM BUILDING

The expansion includes, but is not limited to: meet and greet rooms for adopters, grooming area for everyone, surgical suite for in house veterinary care which will save us lots of funds. Small animal areas strategically built into the walls. A large covered building for evaluating, retraining and teaching volunteers about the animals we care for, along with 3 large seminar rooms for all weather training of dogs, horses, seminars and clinics. We have a wonderful line up of clinics coming soon. Some examples are: how to pick the right dog for your family, which exotic pet is for you and how to care for it, for kids learn how to properly care for animals. This is a million dollar project that will benefit anyone and everyone of all ages and abilities to interact and become part of the LCR animal family.


Please download today our Capital Campaign Letter to see how you or your organization/business can help us accomplish these great things. There are so many ways you can become part of our expansions, any amount of donation will help. If you all gave $5 dollars (200,000 of you who read this or get forwarded to) we would make it in no time. Please  send to friends and neighbors, coworkers and family. Help us help the animals and make a difference. Tours and more info available upon request and remember we are a 501c3 so every dollar donated is tax-deductible.



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Visits with the animals are by appointment. Please fill out an application today so we can get you scheduled!

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All visits with the animals are by appointment. Please fill out an application today so we can get you scheduled!

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