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LCR is once again offering summer camp this year for 4 weeks (non-consecutive). Camp is from 9am-3pm and for kids ages 7 through 12. We'll have daily riding lessons, water activities and crafts. Each week will also include a field trip! We have a lot of fun things planned this year to learn about all the different animals we have here at the Ranch. Cost is $375 per week, with multiple children and multiple week discounts available! Please email for additional information and sign up sheet!


              July 6th - 10th                

              July 20th - 24th

              August 3rd - 7th *

              August 17th - 21st


* This week is open for younger children ages 3-6 to come and join the fun! We will have shortened hours for our younger campers and modified schedule.






Thank you so much for voting for Last   Chance Ranch in the 2015 Everything Bucks contest. Because of your support we're proud to announce that we were named Best Charity for 2015Your efforts and donations will go a long way to ensure that we will continue to rescue a record number of unwanted animals in 2015! 





Be sure to pick up a copy of the May/June issue of Lehigh Valley Magazine for a wonderful in-depth look at

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...then check out the amazing video created by two of LCR's youngest volunteers, Jessica Landis and Meghan Britt:


Why Volunteer at Last Chance Ranch?


If you're interested in joining our "LCR Family", please click here to fill out our volunteer application!  



A Message from LCR Founder Lori McCutcheon:

“The Tale of the Little Tail”


When Last Chance Ranch has room and available resources we seek out animals in need and give them their Last Chance. We go to high kill shelters and help save animals from death row. If we can pull a dog from euthanasia it actually helps two dogs:  the one we saved and the one we made room for.  


I, being a German shepherd fan, get calls often to see and evaluate shepherds. I was at a kill shelter leaning against the kennel trying to make friends with a young male shepherd when one of the kennel attendants walked by.  Just under his arm I could see a little tan tail hanging out. I stopped him and asked, “What’s that?”  He turned and I could see the cutest little Chihuahua face, all of about 4 lbs, with a smile on her face having no idea what was around the next corner.  I asked what he was doing and he said the poor dog had tumors and was on her way to being put to sleep and out of her misery.  I am not a veterinarian, but I have a lot of years of animal experience and to me they just didn’t look like tumors. I asked if I could have her and take her to my vet for a second opinion. They didn’t hesitate to sign her over to me to help possibly save her life.  


Another hallway, a different direction, timing of just the right moment… if I wasn’t there to catch a glimpse of that tiny little tail, she would have been gone. I didn’t really ask, nor did I care who it was that had thrown this adorable little pooch away without a second thought. We brought her home and immediately took her to Quakertown Vet where Dr. Sam Geller and many others there work with Last Chance Ranch helping us save lives.  Dr. Sam agreed with what I had thought, these where not tumors, but a horribly huge hernia. He said it may be tough, but was fixable.  So we scheduled surgery for the following week.  Whisked away just in time from the dog pound, but her ordeal is not over yet.


Two days later, our kennel manager saw poor little Lola wasn’t feeling well. She noticed Lola was having a hard time eliminating and that her protruding belly seemed bigger.  We went off to the vet to see if we could have her surgery pushed up sooner. With the great skills of Dr. Guy Denardo and Dr. Courtney Zeledon, Lola underwent surgery to correct her failing abdominal wall. Critical and anemic, we were scared she would not make it through this, but we had to try. After 3 days of ICU care in Qvet hospital, Lola was released into my care for continued nursing and convalescence.


Just two days into rehab she was  greeted by our Junior Rescuers Club for snuggles, open arms of love and well wishes. Lola just soaked up the attention and is loving life. She is quite the ”diva” with demands for dinner and outside time along with comfortable naps on the couch watching TV. Lola will be ready for a new home in about 2-3 weeks when the vets say she is good to go.


Please help us help animals like Lola. The cost of her surgery has not been calculated yet, but even with generous discounts from our vets, surgeries like this cost thousands of dollars. LCR spends upward of $200,000 each year in medical expenses saving animals like Lola. Please help us continue making a difference in their lives.  




"Meet the Dogs" Is Back

Saturdays from 12 pm to 3 pm


Is your new best friend waiting for you? Looking for a new four-legged significant other? Come on out to the Ranch and Meet the Dogs! Remember anyone can come out, but you must have an approved application to adopt!


Click here to fill out your application now!



Last Chance Thrift Outlet offers a huge array of gently-used items for your pets and people. Be sure to stop by often as new items are added daily! We're located at 201 S. 3rd Street and Route 309 in Coopersburg. 484-863-9005   Don't forget to like us on Facebook!



Mon through Fri:  10am - 6pm

 Sat:   9am - 5pm

  Sun: 12pm - 5pm




With all the animals in our care, LCR goes through supplies very quickly and it gets tough keeping stocked up.  We have a daily need for the following items:


  • Straw bales                                        
  • Chicken Food
  • Large Wild Bird Seed Blocks
  • Bleach
  • Towels
  • Newspaper
  • Clumping Cat Litter
  • Paper Towels
  • Copy Paper
  • Kitchen Sized and Large Trash Bags
  • Laundry Detergent



With the growing need for our life-saving services, education seminars and clinics, LCR has used up every inch of space to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused and neglected animals. We're excited to announce that we've received the final go-ahead to begin our 5-Phase Agriculture and Education Center Expansion Project!  (Full Business Plan available here).


The expansion includes, but is not limited to, Meet and Greet rooms for potential adopters to get to know their new 'family member' in a comfortable atmosphere, our own Surgical Suite for in-house veterinary care, small animal areas strategically built into the walls, a large covered building for evaluating. training and teaching volunteers about the animals we care for, along with 3 large seminar rooms for all-weather training of dogs, horses, seminars and clinics. 


This is a million dollar project that will allow everyone of all ages and abilities to interact and become an integral part of LCR's animal rescue family.



                Future Kennel                         Future Farm Building


Please take a moment to download our Capital Campaign letter to see how you or your organization/business can help us accomplish these great things. There are several options for you to become a valued part of our expansion project! Help us help the animals and make a difference! Tours and additional information available upon request and remember...we are a 501c3 so every dollar donated is tax deductible.


Office Hours:

  Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM • Sat 9AM-3PM

Closed Sundays


Visits with the animals are by appointment. Please fill out an application today so we can get you scheduled!

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All visits with the animals are by appointment. Please fill out an application today so we can get you scheduled!

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