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There are so many ways to help us, including financial support, bequests, donations of materials and supplies, and volunteering. Please look at each category to find details about all the ways you can help.


Animal Sponsorship Program


LCR provides a way to bring smiles and cheer to those close to you, while at the same time bring warmth and life-giving care to the living creatures that constantly contribute to our own lives. LCR is giving everyone a way to celebrate and share the joy, to have children, relatives and friends find the true spirit of giving in the sponsoring of an LCR horse or dog, both deserving friends of man. Such a gift is not just one that is opened and quickly put aside and forgotten, but one that will bring on-going, day-to-day health and life to a specific animal at LCR, and contribute to their subsequent home in an adoptive family.


The recipient of your generous sponsorship will smile in the warmth of knowing that they have a new friend, that they are daily bringing a horse or dog a happy life of care and good health. What better gift could you give. In today's world, where else could you give so much to so many, and give future health and happiness to those who are helpless to help themselves?

For just $35 the recipient will receive a certificate of sponsorship with the chosen animal. Complete the sponsorship form to receive your gift soon!


Create a Fundraiser

We also welcome new ideas and suggestions for ways to help! To ensure we track ideas and that they go through the proper channels, please submit suggestions and recommendations in writing to Your initiative and willingness to take responsibility for new projects or duties congruent with the philosophy and practices of Last Chance Ranch would be greatly appreciated. We are aware that more can be done and you could be the one with the knowledge, persever-

ance, and time needed to do it.


Whether you donate money, goods, services, or work as a volunteer, we appreciate every kind of gift!

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 Every time you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will make a donation to  LCR!  AmazonSmile is the same Amazon that you've come to trust, so  PLEASE support us every time you shop by going to!


Get healthy, exercise your 'best friend' AND support LCR just by walking your dog! Check out the new animal shelter fundraising app

"Walk for a Dog" by Wooftrax. Just download the app to your phone, set up LCR as your shelter and grab the leash! For every mile you walk Wooftrax donates to our rescue dogs!

Donations of money or goods to LCR are tax deductible. We are happy to provide you with a receipt for your tax records. Please consult your accountant or tax preparer for more detailed information about charitable tax deductions.



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