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LCR has many types of equines available for placement, including horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. 


  • Average Maintenance Costs (PDF)
  • Horse Surrender- LCR occasionaly takes owner surrender horses as space allows. We are currently working off a multi-year waitlist. The surrender fee for a miniature horse is $300, rideable horse $500 and $2000 for a horse deemed companion only (not applicable to minis). All horses must be evaluated and approved to be added to the waiting list. To be considered, you must submit the Horse Surrender Bio and photos of the horse to



Most of the equines we rescue will eventually become available for placement and can lead very giving and productive lives. It is recommended that you volunteer or visit several times prior to adopting so that we can match you with an appropriate equine. Assistance and training are available for the novice. Applicants are thoroughly screened and follow ups continue throughout the life of the animal. There is a placement fee to enable us to recover some of our expenses.

We rely on the caring public to help us obtain or purchase these four-legged friends in need. This takes money. Often, when owners are no longer able to care for their equines, the outcome is bleak. Whether this is due to financial reasons, lack of time, or lack of interest, the animal suffers until it dies or is sent to auction. At auction a horse may endure terrible hardship and is more often than not sold for slaughter. These days the price of horse meat well exceeds the price for beef. This tempting financial gain motivates unscrupulous horse dealers to seek out ignorant horse owners who might unwittingly sell or give away a horse. These horses are supposedly going to "A Good Home Only", but in reality, the dealers are selling these horses to a slaughterer.


LCR offers an alternative for horse owners who no longer wish to keep their pets. We monitor the well-being and whereabouts of all horses that pass through our facility … forever. If you have an equine in need, please complete our Horse Surrender Bio form.  We do accept the responsibility to care for you equine for the rest of their lives. Due to the increasing costs of caring for these majestic animals, we do require a surrender fee. We do have a waiting list and do need you to complete our Horse Surrender Bio form to be placed on our list. Surrender fees are considered a donation to the care of your surrendered horse and are considered tax deductible. Please email if you have any other questions about our surrender process.


Last Chance Ranch also provides educational information through placement support, volunteering, and the LCR Horsemanship Program regarding guidelines for responsible horse ownership. LCR educates the public about the terrible hardships equines experience every day, even in their own backyards. LCR will help prevent future abuse and neglect towards these magnificent, loyal, and good-natured animals.

LCR encourages people of all ages to come and experience the love and dedication a horse or other equine can give to a human. Youth, troubled teens/adults, and mentally and/or physically challenged are all welcome to participate through Volunteering. These programs give the participant a rewarding learning experience created by the unspoken trust and respect that an equine can deliver.



Last Chance Ranch

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